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Mine hoist, auxiliary, 1ЛВ-09

Mine hoist, auxiliary, 1ЛВ-09

Mine hoist, auxiliary, 1ЛВ-09

Hoist 1ЛВ-09 (УТУ12.00165698.014-93) is designed for moving baffles and slide gates in the air blast control system in the mine ventilation equipment for the main ventilation, as well as for lifting and moving weights on the surface which requires a fixed stop position.


Specifications of Mine hoist, auxiliary, 1ЛВ-09:

Tractive effort at the last layer of winding, kN (kgs) 50(5000)
Rope speed, m/s 0,08
Rope diameter, mm 19,5
Rope capacity of each drum section (rope diameter – 19.5 mm), m 70
Number of sections in the drum, pc 2
Drive motor, type АИУ132S8
Total capacity, kW 4,0
Type of brake Shoe type brake on the worm gear of a reducer, automatic
Dimensions, mm
length 2010
width 790
height 810
Hoist weight without rope, kg 870