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Locomotive jacks, stationary, ДТ-30 and ДТ-40

Locomotive jacks, stationary, ДТ-30 and ДТ-40

Locomotive jacks, stationary, ДТ-30 and ДТ-40

        Locomotive jack ДТ-30 with electric control is designed for jacking of passenger and railway carriage, cistern cars of all types, as well as locomotives when repairing and handling rolling stock with a mass of the jacked part of not more than 120 tons.

        Locomotive jack ДТ-40 with electric control is designed for jacking of all types of locomotives, electric locomotives, passenger and railway carriage, refrigerator carriage when changing trolleys in the points of changing.

        The jacks are supplied as a set of 4 pcs of jack columns by a common control cabinet ЭСКГ-92.001.09 and individual control panels.


Specifications of ДТ-30 и ДТ-40:

  • a spiral design with a square thread on a screw and a bronze nut on a minimum and maximum of the lifting range of the tip, with the optimum distribution of the load onto the stop nuts;
  • a roller-type jack – does not need to be attached to the foundation;
  • the jack structure provides a possibility of screw self-adjustment in the vertical position which improves reliability and jacking capacity;
  • electromechanical construction of the jacking mechanism is simple, reliable in work;
  • microcontrollers are used in the design of the modified ESKG 92.001.09-control cabinet;
  • LED indication of the current state of jacks is provided;
  • a possibility of both joint and isolated work of jack columns, with control of any jack from the control cabinet;
  • a possibility of an emergency stop for jacks from isolated control panels;
  • automatic de-energizing of jacks when they reach an extreme position;
  • control cabinet ЭСКГ-91.001.07, as well as control panels of local control for jack columns meet current ergonomic requirements;
  • the level of control cabinet protection meets the requirements of IP56 in compliance with Std. GOST 14254-96.

Specifications of Locomotive jacks, stationary, ДТ-30 and ДТ-40:

Parameters ДТ-30ДТ-40
Hoisting capacity, t 3040
Hoisting capacity of a jack set comprised of 4 jacks, t 120160
Overhang of a retractable jib from the axis of the lifting screw, mm: min 370
max 730
min 370
max 730
Possible height of hoisting, mm 850-1,900880-2,600
Speed of hoisting (lowering), m/min. 0.17-0.200.17-0.20
Time of weight hoisting (lowering), min. 5.5-6.38.7-9.5
Rated motor power, kW 5.5 (7.5)7.5
Jack weight, kg, not more 1,7002,050
Dimensions, mm:
length 1,3401,440