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Spare parts for railway carriage

Brake block hump holder 8739.00

Brake block hump holder (Specs. ТУ У 35.2-00165698-015:2005) is used for breakage of freight wagons and wagons of other types in hump yards, sorting tracks, shunting lines and semi-humps, wagon mounting in the railroad tracks of industrial enterprises with tracks of 1,520 mm (1524 mm).

Brake block holder with reduced weight БТО-001Л

Brake block holder with reduced weight, spark-proof, БТО-001Л is used for protection against self-motion of railroad transport means in the objects with higher requirements to spark safety with tracks of 1,520 mm (1524 mm. Brake weight is 5.1 kg, its material is brass.

Name of detail


Exterior details


Automatic coupler lock


КГ 106.01.002-0






Lock retainer


КГ 106.01.003-0






Lock lifter


КГ 106.01.004-0


Lock lifter pin


КГ 106.01.005-0


Lock guard


КГ 106.01.006-0


Centering beam


КГ 106.00.011-2