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Laboratory of physical and chemical methods of metal and alloy testing

Laboratory of physical and chemical methods of metal and alloy testing:

The laboratory is specialized in analysis of black and non-ferrous metals, analysis of carbon, low-alloyed and alloyed steel, as well as in analysis of alloys on a copper basis. The laboratory carries out a set of required mechanical metal tests to their compliance to standards ДСТУ (National standard of Ukraine) and ГОСТ (All-Union State Standard).

By means of our instruments we can do the following:

  • to perform analysis of a metal or alloy quickly and precisely, to determine chemical elements in its composition (up to 26 elements from the Element Periodic Table) with accuracy of up to 0.005 %;
  • to perform analysis of the initial materials of the metallurgic production (furnace charge, ferromanganese, ferrosilicon).

Determination of the element composition of metals and their alloys can be done by using the following techniques:

  1. spectral analysis
  2. chemical analysis

The advantage of the first technique is in capability to analyze many elements with high precision and speed. The chemical technique features a qualitative determination of light elements in alloys based on iron (analysis of carbon, silicon, sulfur and phosphorus in steel). Metal tests are carried put in order to find main mechanical characteristics of tested samples. In addition, the data of tests allow obtaining valuable information on performance characteristics of products. Mechanical tests allow determining quality of the raw materials, to perform checks in the process of production, and in case of damage tests help to find the reasons of metal losing their key properties.

Parameters to be measured:

  • breaking strength, N/mm2;
  • relative elongation, %;
  • impact strength, J/cm2;
  • Brinell and Rockwell hardness, MPa

Our specialists have all the required specialized equipment for testing:

  • universal testing machine (metal tension tests);
  • impact testing machine(bending impact tests);
  • hardness measuring machines (metal hardness tests).

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